It seems fitting that I share a bit about me “the girl” and the “Chef”.  I’m Laura Salomon, and, let’s see…..it all began about 23 years ago in Marina del Rey, CA. Working together at the Ritz-Carlton is where it all started, and where I met Xavier – I would “book it” and he would “cook it”. We quickly realized we clearly shared a passion for many things and fast forward (marriage and a few moves) have us now married 23 years.  We were quite settled in the SF Bay Area until about 6 months ago, when Xavier accepted the Executive Chef position at Montage International’s new Los Cabos Resort Mexico.

Probably our number one shared passion is food “of course”.   Xavier is a 5th generation chef (both sides of his family), a French Master Chef and Executive Chef with Montage International  – so WE LOVE AND LIVE FOR GOOD FOOD. My background in event management with a focus on Food and Beverage has taken me around the world and certainly compliments our favorite passion.

A close second is our passion for travel – which always is centered and focused around Food! I have to admit that I’m pretty lucky to be the “Chefs wife” especially when I get to tag-along for some pretty amazing tasty travels.

So, food and travel is certainly my focus , and of those that know me pretty well you already know you can expect to see some mentions of my beloved Bernese Mountain Dog, Krug (a.k.a Krazy)