Mexican Otomi Linens

I am seriously obsessed with Mexican Otomi linens.  These gorgeous, hand embroidered Mexican textiles are truly incredible works of art.  Here in Cabos, you see them quite a bit.  Hotels use them for various forms of decorative enhancements, and they are sold in many stores.  I have been on the hunt for what will hopefully soon be in my home – a square tablecloth.  Since I have been looking around, I have found out that there are different qualities of these linens.  Yes, they are all made by hand, but some of the artisans use better materials, such as the quality of muslin for the backdrop of the article being made.  You will see napkins, tablecloths, placemats, pillow cases, bedspreads/duvet covers, coasters, runners….  Also, you will see that some artisans are more skilled in their embroidery work.  The stitching is more fine and less loopy.

There are several shops in San Jose that sell the Otomi textiles.  I have found that the prices fluctuates at lot for what seems to be the exact same item.  In fact, there is a shop that has more than one location in San Jose, and they are selling the same tablecloths, but quote different prices.  It pays to shop around if you care about both the quality and the price.   I think that when I finally do make my purchase, I will get my tablecloth at Las Ventanas Hotel in their home shop.  They have a wonderful selection, and their cloths are the finest quality.  If you don’t see the color you want, they will special order it for you.

A little bit on the traditions of this hand craft which I find really interesting.  The Mexicans have been creating these hand embroidered textiles for thousands of years, and originally these linens identified the maker’s village or ethnic group.

The Otomi people live in the Sierra Madré mountains in the central state of Hidalgo.  It is said that the prints’ figures, birds and animals were inspired by cave drawings.  These designs symbolize the harmony between humans and nature and contain symbols connecting to ancient Otomi myths stories and rituals.

Large pieces, like a bed spread or table cloth can table up to 3 months to make, and no design is exactly the same.  So imagine, each piece is a one of a kind hand made creation….who wouldn’t want that in their home?




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