Krug’s First CABO Grooming Appointment

Do dogs ever like going to get groomed?  I can say with most certainty, Krug does not like it.  Maybe afterwards when he’s feeling all fresh and clean, but he hates being dropped off.  Back in California I took him to PetSmart.  Over the years they did a fairly good job, with the exception of his last CABO Cut.  This was just a terrible disaster.  It’s finally grown out, and I knew I had to find someone who could handle a big dog, and a rare for Cabo breed like Krug.  Since I have already been to see the vet about 5 times in 4 months, they all have gotten to know and love Krug.  I found out they also do grooming, which is a great plus since he has so many skin issues.

I decided it was time.  It’s sooo dusty here, and Krug’s Cabo cut needed shaping and he just needed a good clean up.  Today was the day!

When I dropped him off, I got the usual jumping and struggles to not be left behind.  I really think I bring out the beast in him.  When I am not around, I have been told he is very well behaved.  He did really well today, and came out looking and smelling great.  I was so happy and relieved that I found a trustworthy place.  I wish it was a little closer to my house, but I like them a lot, so I will go the distance.   The place I take him is the Cabo Pet Hospital near downtown Cabo.  We see Karina when we are there for veterinary needs.  She is amazing and has already in a short time been so helpful.  Here is their website.  They all speak English and go above and beyond.   “Pets”

It’s so interesting that the cost for medicine, services and the grooming is so much cheaper than in the states.  I do pay the same for Krug’s food and monthly Apoquel prescription, but everything else is dramatically cheaper.  Today’s grooming was under $20 USD – back in CA, I would have paid over $110…and, quite frankly he looks much better!


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