Our “little” Mexican Christmas Tree

There’s nothing like the spirit of the holiday season!  Clearly, its such a busy time of year with so much to do and never enough time.  One thing is for sure, we always make time to put up a Christmas tree.  We have always gotten a fresh tree, and over the years have accumulated many beautiful ornaments.  Many of our ornaments have come from our travels.  It’s so much fun to put up the tree, and reflect on the memory of each ornament as I unwrap them.

Sadly, all of our ornaments are in storage in California so no memory lane Christmas tree this year.  I am actually not even going to be here for Christmas, but know how much Xavier loves having a tree up in the house.

This year, I decided on an all Mexican Christmas tree.  It’s funny, all of our neighbors, who are expats from mainly the US or Canada have their homes all decked out.  If we are here next year, I think I might do more to get into the Cabo Christmas spirit.  This year we just decided on a tree.

I got a small table top (artificial) tree and white lights from Walmart, and went on my  search for ornaments.  Many of the stores here have Christmas Decoration sections.  They carry the typical ball ornaments, strings of lights and general home holiday decor.  I really wanted to capture the Mexican spirit – not the traditional American tree.

I went to several places to find my ornaments, all of which were made by hand.   I knew right away I wanted the glass blown hearts that I see everywhere.  I honestly, have no idea why the heart?  I will have to ask some of our Mexican friends, because Google does not know.

There are many places that blow glass here (the main one is the Glass Factory), and the hearts come in many different sizes and colors.  They come in clear colored glass, as well as a mercury/metallic finish.  Since my tree is so small, I decided on a variety of colors in the two smallest sizes.  I think I bought about 30 different color/sized hearts for my tree.

Next, I saw these adorable mini piñatas that are so bright and colorful, I definitely needed some of these.  I found these at a shop in downtown San Jose.  Each of these are one-of-a kind, and are painted by hand.   Lastly, I added a colored pom-pom garland.  These are also handmade and just so darn adorable.  I love them!  I think I put 6 stands of the pom-pom’s on the tree to finish it off.

A funny side note….I forgot to buy the ornament hooks at Walmart (the ONLY place that sells them).  I found this out after I went to about 5 stores searching for the hooks.  I couldn’t figure out what all these stores were using to attach their ornaments.  I had to check for myself – They were using PAPER CLIPS!  Seriously!!  So, I actually found green colored paper clips, and that’s what I used to put the ornaments on my tree.  Ya gotta be resourceful here.  Another lesson learned.



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