Next Stop Cabos!

Big changes are here!  After living in the SF bay area for 17 years, I would never have guessed our next move would be to Mexico, but guess what???  It is!  Xavier was offered a fantastic opportunity to open the new Montage hotel in Los Cabos, Mexico as their Executive Chef.  We sure didn’t see this coming, but with so many different connections to this property all roads seemed to lead us to our final decision.  The new hotel is located within the 39 acre Twin Dolphin masterplanned community situated overlooking the Santa Maria Bay.  For more information on this stunning property check “Montage Cabos”

We arrived just before the soft opening, which was in May 2018.  The hotel was still under construction and 1000’s of worker were literally working night and day to make the date for the official soft opening date – Here are some “before” photos of when we went to check out Los Cabos and the new project.  The grand opening is scheduled for May.   More posts coming on our new life in Mexico….stay tuned.







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