Krug’s Road trip to Cabos!



In my last Krug post I mentioned that we had plan for getting Krug to Cabos, but unfortunately this plan fell though, so we needed a QUICK new plan.  Our new plan was for Xavier and I to drive Krug to Cabos in my car.  I would drive from San Francisco to San Diego (Part 1) and Xavier would drive from San Diego to Los Cabos (Part 2).  Fortunately for us Krug LOVES car rides!!   When I say LOVE….seriously, I mean it.  Sometimes he won’t come out of the car.

It’s actually very easy to bring pets (however, I can only speak about dogs) to Cabos.  Here is what is required to bring your dog into Mexico:

  1.   Proof of current vaccinations at least 15 days prior to travel.
  2.   Proof of current rabies vaccination
  3.   Tick and worms treatment within 6 months of entering Mexico
  4.   Health certificate within 10 days of travel
  5.   MircoChip is recommended

Since I was pretty much at the vet on a regular basis, and was in communication with my vet about all the requirements Krug would need, I was able to get all this accomplished quickly and easily.  It actually was pretty sad leaving our vet and all the great pet caregivers.  They all came out to say goodbye to Krug – who was definitely a regular there.

The plan was for me to drive to San Diego in my car, and there I would meet Xavier who would take over driving from there.   I would fly back to SFO from San Diego.  I had a co-pilot, and we left around 10am with a car packed with Krug’s things and headed South.  We have friends that live in Laguna, so we stopped there for the night (and a party, which was so much fun and great timing), and left the next morning around 10am to meet Xavier in San Diego for the transition.


I had Part 1, the easy part.  Part 2 – was a bit more of an adventure for sure.  I still get bits and pieces of this part of the trip to this day.  The drive is about 22 hours from the Mexican boarder to Los Cabos.  We have a friend, who has done the drive several times and told Xavier where to stop for food, lodging and gas, and what hotels (I should say motels) take large breed dogs.

Here are some photos from Part 2.  Xavier said there are some great parts of the drive and some not so great parts.  There are parts of the road that are not paved and if you happen to be French and drive too fast (LOL) you might just end up with a few flat tires from the out-of-no-where pot holes…..The last count I heard was that there were 3 flat tires!  My big question was….where do you find tires when you are in the middle of nowhere?  I guess there are tire stands at various points on the drive since so many people get flat tires.  Now, the tires are not new tires, they are all used and not necessarily the proper fit.  Oh well….at least they made it to Cabos!

Here are a few other photos from the Part 2 portion of the trip down.  Krug did great ,and everyone along the way wanted their photo taken with him – even the police.  Speaking of police….Xavier was stopped by the Mexican Federali and military about 10 times.  They asked a lot of questions, and at times made them get out of the car to search it.  And, of course wanted a photo taken with Krug HAHA!!

One of the sites to stop and see along the way is the Eiffel Church of Santa Rosalia.  Alexander Gustave Eiffel (famous for Eiffel Tower in Paris) had designed a pre-fabricated metal church in 1884 as a prototype for missionary churches in France’s tropical colonies. Built in 1887 to be strong enough to withstand severe tropical weather, the church is made from galvanized iron, and stands today in the Baja in the town of Santa Rosalia.

I think there are a lot more road trip stories to tell – too bad Krug can’t talk because I think Xavier is still hiding some things (maybe they ran out of gas ??? ) Anyways, in the end they all made it here safe and sound and Krug loves his new home.   One last thing…The tire story didn’t end with the road trip.  This is another forthcoming post – The 25 day tires….Coming soon!

Mountain Dog in the Desert

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