How to get Krug to Cabos?

Oh boy….Krug!!!


Talk about a challenge!  Krug was definitely my biggest challenge of the move.  When we decided that Xavier was going to take the position with Montage my immediate thoughts were:  “How are we going to get Krug there”?, and,  “A Bernese Mountain Dog in the desert”?

For those of you that have met Krug know….He is crazy!  He is a lover, but he really is nuts at times, and he does not adapt well to knew surroundings.  Yes, I know, I know….he is just a dog, but we just love Krug to pieces, and he has such a big presence in our home and in our lives.

Krug is turning 7 this month and has had so many health problems over the years.  This added to my stress of brining him to Mexico.  I was so worried about finding a good vet and what happens if there is a late night problem or if something happens on a weekend?   They do not have 24 animal hospitals here which is still a concern. (I will do another post on this topic at a later time)

I will tackle the first obstacle – Getting Krug to Cabos.  Back in May when we made our decision to make the move, some friends of ours said that they were going to drive Krug from San Francisco to Cabo.  I thought they were just kidding and actually a little nuts, but they really, really wanted to do this.  So, this was the plan for months, until they were not able to take the time off of work.  The drive is from SF to Cabo is a minimum 3 day drive (29 hours).  So, fast forward to late August when we found this out I needed a new plan to get Krug to his new home.   A Krug recap – Krug is a 90 pound Bernese Mountain Dog.

So many people bring their dogs to Cabos.  I was so shocked one day to see all these crates coming out of the airport.  I did notice that none of the crates were as large as what Krug would need.   I never even wanted to consider the option of putting Krug in cargo, but I was desperate.  I started making calls to companies that could help me get Krug to Cabos.  I first was checking to see if a company would drive Krug.  I thought I found a company that would do it – they were quoting minimum $10,000.  OMG – but then they told me that they would not allow their drivers to drive in Mexico. Ugh….so, I was back to checking into the Krug as Cargo option.   What I found out is that even though there are a lot of direct flights from SFO to Cabos, the planes that fly down here have a smaller cargo hold and cargo entry door – Krug’s crate would not fit in the cargo hold area.  Apparently, my only flying option was to custom build a crate for Krug, and fly him on Delta from SFO to Mexico City, and then on to Cabos.  Well, this was a quick “NO”, and I was back to square one!  How will we get Krug to Cabos?!?!?!





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