Perceval Knives


I don’t know why these knives were on my mind today……maybe it’s because we used them last night (Xavier made a delish duck dish).  We don’t use these knives everyday, but when I pull them out, it sure brings in home dining to another level.

We first saw these knives several years back in Paris.  Many of the 2 and 3 star Michelin restaurants were using them, and we really loved their feel and cutting capabilities.  It was easy to realize why many restaurants were using them.

Being that I never know what to get Xavier gift wise, I thought he would like using these knives with his at home culinary creations.  Yes!  I have heard it is superstitious to buy someone knives as a gift, and that they can bring bad luck, but I figured this old tale wouldn’t apply in the culinary-world.

After doing a bit of research I found out what makes these knives so special and why they are gaining popularity, even though they have been around for ages.   Each knife is hand made in the village of Thiers, in the Auvergne region of France.  Thiers is  the capital of cutlery and this dates back to the 14th century!  Originally, the knives were made as pocket knives, and over time developed to the common table knife.  Not only are the Perceval knives made in Thiers, so is Laguiole which is probably the most well known.

Back when I bought Xavier these knives they were not available for sale here in the US.  I had to do some secret shopping with the help of a friend to get them from Europe.   As great things always do, these knives found their way to American restaurant tables, and the New York Times even featured an article on their gaining popularity and availability in the US.  “Perceval”

The site that I purchased my knives from features the entire collection of Perceval knives, offering different handles, handle materials and colors.  I chose the Mat Black in the 9.47 model, which we love.  This knife has an excellent cutting power and has a nice smooth/sleek feel in the hand.  I find the simplicity to be rather elegant, and I really enjoy when we use them.   In the 9.47 they make a synthetic and Natural handle, and both come in a variety of colors that would be a great look at any place-setting.  From the site that I purchased ours, they are sold in sets of six and are presented in a lovely orange case.  I always love anything in an orange box!! :).  This is the site where I got ours.  “9.47 Mat Black”






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