Culinary Whirlwind Weekend Part Two MCF Brunch and Cookbook Signing

When I say Culinary Whirlwind Weekend I MEAN IT!  If you had a chance to read my last posting Culinary Whirlwind Weekend – Part One you might not will realize that both of these events took place over the same weekend, actually on the same day.   So……it was Culinary on overdrive to say the least.

In Culinary Weekend Part One, I attended the fabulous pastry class and luncheon of Chef Willam Werner of San Francisco’s Craftsman and Wolves.  This was loads of tasty fun!  Well, right after the lunch, there was a Master Chef’s of France brunch and cookbook signing in Navio, the hotel’s restaurant.

It’s been months in the making, but the Master Chef’s of France (MCF) recently came out with a cookbook, and the locally based Chef’s all came to The Ritz-Carlton, Half Moon Bay to cook and sign!  Each Chef had a food station at the brunch, and the new cookbook was available for purchase and signing.  It was such a fun afternoon and YES…..I was SO FULL and absolutely did NOT have dinner that night!

Below are the outstanding locally based Master Chef’s of France that participated in the cookbook and brunch……



Here is the book – Each participating Chef has two recipes.  I believe that the book can be purchased at The Ritz-Carlton Half Moon Bay.  If you have problems locating one, email me and I can see how you can get one.  It most certainly is worth having in your culinary library.


Pictured with (left to right):  My husband, Chef Xavier Salomon, Chef Gerald Hirigoyen, and Chef Laurent Manrique


Pictured with (left to right):  Chef Roland Passot and Chef Claude Le-Tohic  – Love the French/American Flags 🙂

Stand tuned for more Tasty Adventures……….


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