Culinary Whirlwind Weekend – Part One Global Cuisine Series with Pastry Chef William Werner

It was a culinary whirlwind a few months ago at The Ritz-Carlton, Half Moon Bay.  For those of you that know me, know that The Ritz Half Moon Bay is where my husband Xavier works as Executive Chef.  Fortunately for me, sometimes I get invited to participate in a few of the wonderful events that take place at the hotel.  Of course, I especially enjoy getting to see the outstanding creations and ideas of The Ritz -Carlton’s outstanding culinary team!

This particular weekend was season’s final cooking class of 2017’s “Global Cuisine Series”.  Last year there were (8) culinary weekend packages which included: a cooking class, luncheon with the guest chef, resort credit and hotel accommodations.   The classes are open for up to 14 guests and are held in one of hotel’s kitchens.  I was lucky enough to squeeze into Craftsman and Wolves Pastry Chef/Owner, Willam Werner’s class, featuring “Holiday Sweets”.  Xavier and I have known Chef William and his wife Sarah for years, as William used to be the Pastry Chef at the hotel.  I know for Xavier it was great to have a friend and accomplished Chef be a part of this great culinary series.

Here are some photos of the class.  Chef Werner showed us how to make several items including Smoked Molasses cookies…..boy were they ever good!

Following all classes there is a sit-down lunch with the guest Chef, obviously this class was lunch with Chef Werner.

Probably by this time Xavier and the team have put together the culinary line up for The 2018 Global Cuisine Series.  I have heard him talking about some of the amazing Chefs that will be participating.  Inside scoop – the lineup is FANTASTIC!  Anyone interested in participating in a Culinary Weekend Package, here is the contact information:              650-712-7686, as well as the hotel’s site address “Ritz HMB”









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