Needless to say what Xavier prepares is always amazingly delicious, but I think it is super important to compliment his great food with a nice table setting. Now, I have lots of table linens and over time I will feature some of them, but my latest favorite is by Beauville´. Actually I have had it for awhile now, but I love using around the holidays. I love using this tablecloth because you can add pops of color to the table design with colored napkins or glasses. Another thing I love is that it reminds me of Savoie the region of France where Xavier is from….actually this is where we purchased this particular tablecloth.

A few years back I used turquoise table accents, which is always a favorite.


And this year, I used red which was so cheery and looks great with the grey, white and black in the tablecloth.


You can actually visit the Beauville´shop and manufacturing facility in Alsace which is in Ribeauville´. Look under the contact section for the shop address and daily hours. “here” It is most definitely worth going to if you are ever in this spectacular region. (more to come in another blog post on Alsace….lots to share!). These table linens have been around for over two centuries, and are printed right there at this location. They have both first quality and second quality available – and lots of pattern selections to choose from. The second quality may have a very, very slight imperfection which is hardly even noticeable. I found the prices to be less than here in the states and ended up buying quite a few. They also have a great selection of table runners, tea towels, napkins and a fantastic variety of Christmas linens. Trust me, it’s worth stopping here if you like table linens. I was in heaven!


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